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"I believe that my future with my team of horses and owners is looking bright. In 2016 I was also on the short list for a place at the Olympics in Rio and made my way into the top 100 on the world rankings list in 2017 I was short listed for the WEG and 2019 I was short listed for the Europeans and i'm always pushing to go as high as I can"


Anthony Condon




Originally from Waterford in Ireland I was born in to horses with a strong equestrian back ground my father Michael Condon who is renowned for his Hunting and producing of horses and riders throughout Ireland also my Uncle Michael Buckley who produced the very famous Carling King who is one of the best horses to come out of Ireland, I learnt a lot from having such strong equestrianism behind me, and realised that this is what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life.

When I was 15 years old I represented my country (Ireland) for the 1st time at Pony level. I competed at a nations cup show in Germany jumping a double clear and clinching victory for the team, this earned me my place on the European Championship Team where I won the Individual Bronze medal. The following year I was back on the Team for the Europeans along with my sister where we won the Team Bronze medal, in the same year I won the Dublin and Millstreet Championship Finals.

At the age of 17 I moved to England where I worked for top Irish International rider Billy Twomey until the age of 24. I learned a lot in my time with Billy and in turn produced a lot of Horses for him many that have gone on to compete at Senior Championships including Olympic Games, Europeans and World Championships. Horses such as Molly Malone, Je’Taim Flamenco, Tinkas Serinade, Wild Thing, Special Lux and many more, also riding on my 1st Senior Nations Cup Team and Being on the Team for The junior and Young Rider Europeans, winning many Championships and Finals throughout Great Britain and Europe.

Since the age of 24 I set up my own business, I compete a lot of young horses and my aim is to produce them for myself and my owners so we can compete at the highest level of the sport, since setting up on my own I’ve had some great success competing on Senior Nations cup Teams, winning many National Grand Prix’s competing with great success Internationally in World Ranking Classes all over Europe with numerous horses. The young horses have been making the way up the ranks with great success internationally and in Great Britain.



The past few years have been very successful.

2014 was a great year for me In January I won my 1st International Grand Prix and have had great success competing up to 5* level  Internationally, qualifying young Horses for HOYS,  Winning National young horse Championships also Representing Ireland at the World Breeding Championships. 


2015 brought me great success, with many international GP wins and placings jumping at shows up to 5* and Nations cup Team appearances, young horse championships and finishing 2nd in the richest national GP in the UK.


2016 international season was the best year of my career so far with good results coming in, Aristio and I achieved one of only two double clears in the Nations Cup in Al Ain and then went on to have a 9th in the Grand Prix Whilst Balzac had 7th in one of the big classes. we then went on to Vilamoura CSI*** where both Aristio and Balzac picked up good placings in the ranking classes and all the young horses had great results and placings in the final week Balzac had a 3rd in the small Grand Prix and Aristio finished a brilliant 2nd in the Big Grand Prix. We then went on to Eschweiler CSI** where Balzac won one of the big classes and Aristio went on to win the Grand Prix, which was a great warm up for the following week where I was due to compete on the 1st super League team in Lummen CSIO***** but unfortunately due to the bad weather the show was cancelled, from there we went to Bethune CSI***where Balzac had a 2nd in a LWR speed class and a win in the 6 bar jumping 1.97cms Zira finished 3rd in the 7yrs GP Chinook 9th in the small GP and Aristio took another Great 2nd in the 3* GP from there we went to Bourg en Bresse CSI**** where Aristio had a 4th in a LWR jumpoff class and Balzac had a win in the 6 Bar jumping 2.05cms. St Gallen CSIO***** super league was the next outing for us it was great to be the 5th member of such a strong team that went on to win the Nations Cup Aristio also had a 2nd in the LWR jumpoff class. Hickstead CSI**** Aristio took 4th in a LWR jumpoff class and Balzac had a 3rd in LWR jumpoff class. Southview CSI** Balzac took 2nd in the LWR speed class. Falstebro CSIO***** super league I achieved a Double Clear for the team and took 8th in the GP with Aristio. Dublin CSIO***** Aristio took 8th in the LWR Jumpoff Chinook II took 6th in the LWR Winning round Jumpoff. Hickstead CSIO***** super league I achieved another double clear on the team with Aristio to help Secure 2nd place Balzac & Chinook II both took 8th placings in 2 of the LWR classes. Gijon CSIO**** Balzac was in great form placing 4th 5th & 6th in LWR classes. Barcelona CSIO***** Nations Cup Final Unfortunatly Aristio didn’t seem himself on arrival so was unable to compete on the team but Chinook stepped up and took 5th in the LWR speed and had a very good round in the GP. HOYS CSI*** Balzac picked up a 3rd & 4th in the LWR classes and Zira III took 7th in the Foxhunter final. In October we spend 3 weeks in Spain with younger and older horses we picked up some great results including some wins and some top 5 placings in LWR classes with Balzac. Olympia CSIWC***** Chinook II Jumped super in the GP Fiona took 3rd  in LWR accumulator Balzac took 5th in the LWR Speed 4th in the 6 Bar and 2nd in  the LWR 1.60m Jumpoff. Liverpool CSI**** finished off the year nicely with Balzac 6th in the LWR speed Fiona 3rd in the Knockout. 


2017 international season Started back at the CSIO***** Al Ain this time with Balzac were we represented Team Ireland we headed to Vilamoura where the younger horses stepped up and had great results all round with myself and laura with Balzac finishing 4th in the CSI*** GP we headed then to Eschweiler  again the younger horses performed very well with Laura including a 2nd in a 6yr old GP with Off The Record and Friso won a 7yr old GP we then headed to Lummen for The CSIO***** Nations cup show Balzac won the LWR 1.60 jumpoff class  Friso won yet another 7yr old GP. Bourg en Bresse Friso took 3rd in the 7yr old GP Zira 4th in a LWR jumpoff class. St Gallen CSIO***** Nations Cup was the next stop we finished 4th as a team. Bolesworth CSI**** which is on my door step having won the GP there when it was a national show it meant so much to me to go back there this year and win the GP again this time with Balzac. From there we spent a month on the national circuit with the younger horses where the learnt a lot, Laura then flew off to the Pony European Championships the coach her pupil representing Team GB in the showjumping where they won team silver and finished respectively individually inside the top 15. I spent the time in france Fontainbleu CSI** Friso 3rd 7yr old GP Balzac 8th GP Dinard CSI**** Zira 5th LWR. Dublin CSIO***** Balzac took 3rd in the LWR 1.60 jumpoff class, Sope CSI** Zira took 6th in the LWR. Gijon CSIO**** Balzac had the pressure on we were the last team member out and had to jump clear to secure 3rd for the team which we did Zira also picked up placings in the LWR classes. Our national championships were next where Laura finished 5th in the 6yr old GP with Off The Record and 4th in the newcomers GP on our homebred 5yr old King Loui I had a 3rd in the 6yr old GP with Guadaloupe 5th in the 5 yr old GP with Beluga Z and many other placings with the others. HOYS CSI*** Zira won the opening 1.45 class Balzac took 5th in the LWR and 10th in the GP. From then I went on to Belgium Sentower CSI** Zira 7th in the LWR and 8th in the GP Guadaloupe won a 6yr old class and 3rd in the GP. Lier CSI** Beluga Z Finished 3rd in the 5yr old GP. Liverpool CSI**** Balzac placed 5th & 7th in the LWR classes Cavalier Rustican took 2nd in the puissance.


2018 international season Started Back in the far east in Abu Dhabi CSIO***** with Courtney Z 5th LWR speed & Zira jumping her 1st 5* GP we then Moved in to our new farm Before heading out to PeelbourgenCSI** this was a great chance to get our younger horses going who all picked up good results, Zira finished 2nd in LWR Jumpoff and it was Aristio’s 1st show back after 18months out of the sport. Eschweiler CSI*** Dublin took 2nd in the opening big class & 5th in the masters Aristio took 3rd in the 1* GP Bethune CSI*** Aristios 1st big test and he didn’t Dissapoint 4th in the GP. Lisbon CSIO*** Nations Cup Aristio jumped 0/4 in the Cup for team Ireland to Win & he also took 2nd in the GP. Bolesworth CSI**** Dublin took a win in a 1.40 Cavalier Rusticana took 2nd in the puissance Zira took 8th in a LWR, Laura & Friso also took 2 top 10 Placings in the 2* 1.40s . Hickstead CSI**** Cavalier Rusticana took 6th in the Derby. Southview CSI** Dublin took 2nd in a 1.40, Friso jumped his 1st 2* GP very well with Laura. Chantilly CSI**Zira took 4th in a 1.40 Aristio won the GP. Hickstead CSIO***** Aristio jumped clear with the fastest time in a jump off of the Nations Cup to take the win for team Ireland Zira also took 2nd in a LWR. DublinCSIO***** Aristio took 8th in a LWR and jumped a clear in the GP with an unfortunate time fault. Gijon CSIO***** Aristio placed 6th in a LWR & jumped 2 good rounds in the Nations Cup to help take 3rd Friso also took a win in a 1.40 and zira a 2nd in a 1.45. Barcelona CSIO***** Nations Cup Final Aristio jumped with the best score for the Irish team to help secure Bronze.  Montpelleir CSI*** another great show with aristio taking 4thin the LWR jumpoff and 6th in the Grand prix Zira took a fantastic win in the LWR 1.50 jumpoff class too. Lyon CSIOWC***** Aristio took 7th in the Grand prix and Zira took 8th In the 1.60 Jumpoff Masters.

2019 international season started In Vilamoura CSI*** and YH**  for 2 weeks a great way to start the season and get all of the horses going SFS Aristio picked up 4th & 6th in the Grand prix’s and Euphoria HST  with Laura took 3rd in one of the 7Yr old GPs whilst all the other horses moved up the levels with some good results from there we went on to the sunshine tour CSI**** show for 2 weeks SFS mirage won 3 out of 5 6yr old classes Euphoria HST with laura took a win in a 4* 1.30 7yr old King Louis stepped up to jump the 1.45 ladies GP Zira VH kapelhof Z took placings in both small GPs and sfs Aristio placed 4th in the 1st GP and 2nd In the big invitational GP. After a little break the horses headed to Fontainbleu CSI** /YH where Chic du rouet too 5th in the 1.45 7yrs GP, Zira took 6th in a LWR and aristio 7th in the GP, Rome CSIO***** the 1st big show of the year where I was 5th man but the horses jumped some great rounds and we then went on to St Tropez CSI****  where SFS aristio took a win in the LWR jump off class and Zira Took 2 wins in the 1.45 classes, back home to England for a few weeks Bolesworth CSI**** zira steped up to jump clear in the GP taking 8th SFS mirage took the Win in 6Yr old GP and Euphoria HST and laura took 2nd in the 1.30 final next stop Wettenhall CSI** where King louis jumped great clears in the 1.40/1.45 classes Euphoria and laura took 4th in a 1.35 sfs mirage took 2nd in the 6yrold GP and Zira took the win in the very fast GP, anthony took a trip to valkensvaud YH** for the young horse finals where sfs mirage and king louis both had a unlucky 4 faults in the age finals , back to SFS aristios favourite show Hickstead CSIO***** where he jumped a fabulous double clear in the nations cup to help team Ireland secure 2nd place and zira took 2nd in the 1.50 speed, next stop Dublin CSIO***** SFS Aristio jumped to a top 10 in the 1.60 LWR jump off class and a unfortunate last fence down in the GP zira took a 2nd and 3rd in 2 of the LWR speed classes. Back to Boleswoth for the CSI** where Zira took 2nd in the GP and new ride sfs Vincomte jumped clear in all the 1.30s from there it was 2 weeks in Valance CSI****where sfs vincomte stepped up to jump some 1.50s zira took placings in some 1.45s and aristio took 2 top 10 placing in the GPs, as a warm up for hoys the horses went to arena uk to jump the ritchest national GP where aristio finished 2nd , HOYS CSI*** was a show off succsess SFS aristio 9th in both the 1.60 LWR jumpoff and GP SFS vincomte won both the 1.50 and 1.60 LWR jumpoff class and zira was 2nd in 2 1.45s and 6th in the speed horse of the year, off to spain again to avoid the winter weather for 3 weeks of CSI**/*** 5yr olds Just Synergy and Oviedo were placed in some of the age classes and GPs 6 yr old SFS mirage was place in some of her 6 yr old classes and GPs 7 yr old Chich du rouet finished 3rd In the & yrold final whilst 7 yr old Euphoria hst and laura took 2nd in the 1.40 GP as well as a few top 5 placings SFS aristio took 4th in one of the GPs whilst Vincomte took placing in some of the LWR  classes including 4th in a GP and a 1.50 LWR jumpoff class win , heading towards the end of a busy year to finish up at Olympia CSIOW***** with zira placing top 10 4 times in the 1.45  aristio not having the luck of the draw of 1st to go in the WC with an unfortunate mistake chasing the time allowed but still jumping amazing and vincomte taking a massive win in the 1.60 LWR Jump off class and also jumping his 1st 5*GP for a unlucky fence down, Finally we finished the year with Liverpool CSI**** where Miss consistant Euphoria hst took 2 3rds in her classes.


In between all of the international shows myself and Laura are kept busy producing the young horses jumping a lot on the national circuit with great success and keeping all our training clients up to scratch.



  • 6yr old National champion1st  – Cold Case 2013

  • Talent seekers Champion HOYS 1st  – Special Lux 2013

  • British National Champion 1st  – Special Lux 2013

  • Bolesworth Grand prix 1st  – Value T 2013

  • National 5yr old Champion 1st  – Zira III 2014

  • National 6yr old Champion 1st  – Hollingswood Rusty Ryan 2014

  • International Grand Prix Spain 1st  - Value T 2014

  • National 6yr old Champion  1st  - Zira III 2015

  • 2nd Arena UK £20,000 Grand Prix  – Aristio 2015

  • 5* Nations cup Gijon (2nd) - Aristio 2015

  • 5* Nations cup AlAin double clear – Aristio 2016

  • 5* Grand Prix Al Ain 9th  - Aristio 2016

  • 3* Grand Prix Vilamoura  2nd  - Aristio 2016

  • 2* Grand Prix Eschweiler 1st – Aristio 2016

  • 3* Grand Prix Bethune 2nd  - Aristio 2016

  • 3* 6 Bar Bethune (1.97cm) 1st – Balzac 2016

  • 4* 6 Bar Bourg en Bresse (2.05cm) 1st – Balzac 2016

  • 5* Super League Nations Cup Falstebro Double Clear – Aristio 2016

  • 5* Super League Nations Cup Hickstead Double Clear (2nd) – Aristio 2016

  • 5* Grand Prix Falstebro 9th – Aristio 2016

  • 5* Olympia 1.60 Jump off 2nd – Balzac 2016

  • 5* Lummen 1.60 jump off 1st –  Balzac 2017

  • 4* Bolesworth Grand Prix 1st – Balzac 2017

  • Several 7yr old Grand Prix wins – Friso 2017

  • 3* Grand Prix Lisbon 3rd – Aristio 2018

  • 3* Nations Cup Lisbon 1st – Aristio 2018

  • 4* Hickstead Derby 6th – Cavalier Rusticana 2018

  • 2* Grand Prix Chantilly 1st – Aristio 2018

  • 5* Nations Cup Hickstead 1st – Aristio 2018

  • 5* Nations Cup Gijon 3rd -  Aristio - 2018

  • Bronze Nations Cup Final – Aristio 2018

  • 3*Montpellier 1.50 jumpoff 1st – Zira 2018

  • 5* Grand Prix Lyon 7th  - Aristio 2018

  • 4* Grand Prix sunshine tour 2nd SFS - Aristio 2019

  • 2* Grand Prix Wettenhall 1st – Zira 2019

  • 2* Grand prix Bolesworth 2nd – Zira 2019

  • 5* Nations Cup Hickstead double clear 2nd – SFS Aristio 2019

  • 2nd Arena uk £20,000 national GP – SFS Aristio 2019

  • Serval YH Grand Prix wins and top 3 placings – SFS Mirage 6yrs – Chic Du Rouet 7yrs – Euphoria Hst 7yrs – King Louis 7 yrs 2019

  • Several 1.45/1.50/1.60 LWR class wis and top 5 placings – SFS Vincomte – SFS Aristio – Zira 2019

  • 4 double clears at 5* nations cups with SFS ARISTIO

  • 17 5*Nations cup appearances 

  • 97th on the World Rankings list 2016

  • Nations Cup final  squad 2016 & 2018

  • Olympic short list 2016

  • WEG short list 2018

  • Europeans Short list 2019

  • 3*/5* Nations Cup Teams

  • Many to 10 placings in International Grand Prix’s

  • Longines World Ranking Class Wins

  • Prolific Longines World Ranking class top 10 placings 

  • Qualifying for HOYS with great success in the Finals

  • Producing Many horses to go on to Senior Championships



We have recently purchased a new Farm from where we will be continuing to grow our business. We are also expanding into more teaching and clinics combined with our already successful show jumping business. At the moment we have about 20 trainees under our supervision who are all improving and competing at a good level. We also have started a small breeding process and are very pleased with our young stock so far.

We have a Fantastic Team of owners and horses to really look to the Future with and take to the next level, I also have a great team off staff which help keep everything going including my partner Laura Johnson who produces a lot of our young horses at national level and also competes up to 3* level internationally riding for Team Condon and owners. Laura took a bit of time out in 2016 to give birth to our 1st child Hector, giving me more reason to push myself harder to be at the top of the sport,  my future aims are to compete at top level at nations cup shows and Senior Championships, become world No 1 and I’m lucky that my owners also have the same goals and are a great support we have some really exciting horses for the future so that I can make my way up the ranks to the top of the sport and hopefully make Ireland proud. 

I believe that my future with my team of horses and owners is looking bright. In 2016 I was also on the short list for a place at the Olympics in Rio and made my way into the top 100 on the world rankings list in 2017 I was short listed for the WEG and 2019 I was short listed for the Europeans and i'm always pushing to go as high as I can.

Thank you for taking time to read my story!

Anthony Condon













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Job Roles: Rider

Service: 10+ years

Own Horse(s): See Horses



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Job Roles: Rider

Service: 10+ years

Own Horse: Daisy




Job Roles: Being Cute

Service: 5 years

Own Horse: Thomas/ Chief







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Job Roles: Rider/ Groom

Service: 4+ years

Own Horse: Quippo

Job Roles: Show Groom

Service: +1 year

Own Horse: N/A

Job Roles: Groom

Service: -1 year

Own Horse: N/A




Job Roles: Security/ Dog Stuff

Service: 3 years

Own Horse: N/A

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